ESN SGGW Travel Coordinators – Martyna Kuźma and Karolina Różyńska
Travel group will help you discover different parts of Poland in the most interesting way.
During the academic year we organise trips to:
- Cracow
- Wroclaw
- Gdansk + Malbork
- Torun
- Zakopane
- Masuria
- Auschwitz Museum


ESN SGGW Sport Coordinator – Kacper Tyczyński
Believe it or not – people on exchange actually do sports… sometimes ;)
Our sports events:
- volleyball games
- football tournaments
- kayaking
- hiking
- paintball
- trampoline park
- bowling
- ice-skating

SOCIALERASMUS & ExchangeAbility

ESN SGGW SocialErasmus Coordinator – Agata Kowalska
SOCIALERASMUS activities will show you that nothing is impossible when we work together.
Our events:
- visiting dog shelters
- preparing and giving food for people in need
- ErasmusForest – planting trees
- Fields of Hope – planting daffodils and handing them to strangers :)
- gathering necessities for needing hospices and hospitals
- organizing charity fund gatherings


ESN SGGW Coolture Coordinator – Agnieszka Fic and Anna Pyzik
Coolture group makes sure that you will be properly introduced to Polish culture, customs and much more.
Our events:
- Thursday Dinners
- movie nights
- visiting various museums
- St. Andrew’s Day
- St Nicolas' Day
- Christmas Eve


ESN SGGW Discover Europe Coordinator – Agata Równy
Discover Europe is a paneuropean photography contest for students. It gives young people a chance to express their feelings and travelling experiences in a way that is the most accessible, popular and understandable for everyone – with photography!
Want to find out when Discover Europe contest start, how to submit your photos, what are the previous winning photos, and – of course – the prices?
Check out Discover Europe website and let yourself sink into the art for a while.


Previously called ESNOLYMPICS – with a new name came brand new quality!
National Erasmus Games is the biggest sport event for Erasmus Students from the whole Poland.
Teams from each city are competing in three sport disciplines – Volleyball, Basketball and Futsal.
After local qualifications (for Warsaw it's Warsaw Erasmus Games) the best teams from the whole Poland are meeting on National Finals, to prove their skills, and win a chance to take part in International Erasmus Games finals!
Want to find out more about this huge Erasmus sport event? Check out NEG website